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Welcome to Planet us!

We are a small non-profit organization, which aims to send all children to school – in the Sri Lankan village of Ilukgoda. According to us, education is the best road to a better life. Since we like to help out, we lend them a little hand in getting a little stronger, smarter and more educated.

But that’s not all we do. Kids do not learn to become grown-ups all by themselves. The people in their surroundings are just as important – therefore we also support the less fortunate ones in the village.

A child will grow up a lot easier in an environment where the right elements are present. Think about stability and enough food for a secure life. Everything just so these kids can play and develop a better future for themselves and their village – shouldn’t it always be like this?

Our projects

 Thus we run two projects in Ilukgoda:

  1. Educating the future

    In this project we support seventy children in going to school. We pay their school fee's, and everything else they need to study. This ranges from a healthy lunch, to colorful crayons or awesome study books.

  2. The Household-book project

    In this project we back the most vulnerable ones in Ilukgoda. We support them with the most basic needs , such as soap and rice from the local corner shop.

Support us!

100% of every Euro that you donate to Planet us gets to where we promise – the people of Ilukgoda.

At the moment we are solely dependent on donations. If you would like to support us - Donate here!

Trust is very important to us. We promise that we do what we say, but hard proof speaks for itself. Therefore we publish our monthly (financial) results in the updates section, and in due time our yearly financial report.

Our main goal is to do what we promise – and to back this up we want to be 100% financially transparent.

The team of Planet us gets paid in thankfulness and high fives – and that is all we need.

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Kumara Disanayaka

Kumara Disanayaka

Local hero

Kumara is the local hero of Planet us. He is the vital link for our operations. He and Fedor used to work together in 2005, during an intense post Tsunami project along the destroyed coastline of the island. Now he has three awesome kids, works as a tour guide and is a dedicated Buddhist. He lives on the edge of Ilukgoda and is a true local hero with a big heart!

Fedor Mirande

Fedor Mirande

Founder of Planet us

I grew up myself in a small village in the heart of Holland, so I know from experience how important (and fun – at times) a stable environment is to grow up in. After wandering our wonderful planet for about twelve years, coming back I realized how special this actually is. Now I’d like to share my prosperity with people who have had less opportunity in life than me – after all – we are all from Planet us!

Joep Willekens

Joep Willekens

Treasurer and technical endboss

Joep and Fedor met during spring in wonderful Prague. Joep loves technical stuff and is good with numbers. He also likes to do his bit in making this world a better place, so he is the ideal treasurer and technical man behind Planet us. Right now he resides near the beach in the Netherlands and enjoys the fresh air!

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